Therapeutic Massages


There are few things in life as wonderful as a decent, relaxing, massage, especially when you are feeling stressed or you are experiencing pain and inflammation.

I provide  therapeutic massages to relieve stress, inflammation and pain.

  • You can expect a therapeutic massage from feet to head, including hands and stomach, combining all of these techniques:
  • Lymph drainage massage (very gentle massage to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph in order to facilitate detox of excess fluid and toxin buildup)
  • Trigger therapy (treatment of painful myofascial trigger points found in muscles and fascia) if you have pain
  • Hypertonic stretch releases (manual passive movement of muscle and joint combined with breath work and light resistance), if you have stiffness
  • Deep tissue massage (firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia) if you have stiffness
  • Aromatherapy massage (using quality natural body butter made locally with beeswax, honey, essential oils, coconut oil).
  • NOT – Neural Organisation Technique (a series of techniques designed to improve nervous system function by re-organising the nervous system so that the individual can function effectively) especially if you have neck and jaw issues
  • Reflexology (massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears)
  • Vagus Nerve Massage for stress and anxiety to relax your nervous system
  • Kinesiology (a system of testing the body to identify and strengthen weak muscles in order to correct various issues and ailments. Because kinesiology studies human muscles and muscle groups, it naturally crosscuts many important concepts with massage). During these massages I also work on on meridians, chakras, neuro lymphatic, neuro emotional and neuro vascular points, myotomes and dermatomes.

To get maximum benefit from this experience, its recommended you book at least a 90 minute massage as I work on the whole body, front and back, head to toe. Please do not eat a heavy meal before your treatment.

Costs: R600 for 60 minutes, R900 for 90 minutes, R1200 for 120 minutes.

Call or WhatsApp on 065 924 7332 to book your massage.

The many benefits of massage

Gillian O’Shea Specialised Kinesiologist | The Art Centre | 4 Montagu Street | Knysna


Gillian is outstanding. Her knowledge and guidance shine through, and she has the gift of massage and healing. I am a massage therapist myself, and have never experienced a better massage and healing experience. I will visit her every time I come to Knysna, and highly recommend her.

Saskia, Johannesburg

Gillian is blessed with healing hands I had a massage with her followed by ozone therapy which was extremely pleasant and I must say I left feeling full of the joy of life. Really great!!

Margie, Knysna

The most incredible massages I have ever had. I’ve been for four already over the last two months. The only way one can describe Gillian’s lymph drainage massages is that she tunes in to your body and senses what it needs.

Not only relaxing, the times with Gillian extend into deeply meaningful explorations of where one is at with one’s life.

Every session with Gillian is a truly remarkable and enriching experience. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Ingrid, Knysna

It’s a wonderful experience and so relaxing, thank you Gillian.

Joan, Knysna

Gillian O’Shea’s treatments work. Her massages are the best I have ever had. I have walked into her rooms exhausted, stressed, emotional and generally not feeling well to leave feeling positive, rejuvenated and this lasts long after treatment. Do yourself a favor book today. I can highly recommend.

Aysha Osmon

I was suffering with severe pain and swelling of my left ankle for more than a year . Several visits to doctors, specialists, MRI scans, sonars and X-rays and thousands of rands later no one had a solution. After only one lymphatic drainage massage and ozone treatment with Gillian, to my surprise, there was an immediate improvement. After the 3 rd treatment I could walk normally and the swelling was gone . My last treatment was more than a month ago and no swelling, no pain and no medication. I recommend this treatment. It sure changed my life.

Sylvia, Keurbooms

2 thoughts on “Therapeutic Massages

  1. Gillian, hi!!!!
    I am very interested in vagus nerve massage. I live in California though. Do you know any Practictioners in California that perform these types of nervous system massages? I appreciate your help!
    Sending love and healing,

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