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I have been practicing as a Specialised Kinesiologist for around 9 years. Specialised Kinesiology embraces so many modalities and techniques and is not dependent on the practitioner’s ability alone but rather on what’s best for the client at that time. 

Our emotions, our bodies and our thoughts are all linked and so it makes sense that healthy living and eating, healthy thoughts, massage, cleansing, enough sleep and general balance in work and play is important to maintain a balanced body and mind.

When there is disharmony in any of these above areas, it can show up as dis-ease and distress.

I strive to contribute to sustainable living so also practice and consult in permaculture. I show people how to develop their own food gardens at their homes and I sell fermented foods via my website. (

Assisting people to feel deeply regenerated, relaxed, and aligned in their bodies is important to me. How we treat the planet and the subsequent toxicity levels has a direct impact on our health. That’s why I am also involved in Climate Change Leadership and growing the organic farming movement.

Specialised Kinesiology has shown me how I can be a vehicle for others to find their balance and alleviate distress and I am humbled by the process that unfolds when I can share in another’s awareness and ‘ah ha’ moments.  For a consultation please email me on



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  • 1. Victoria  |  February 26, 2013 at 1:27 pm

    Hi, where is your office in Pretoria and how does one arrange an appointment?

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