Bioresonance Health Tests

Diagnostic testing for intolerances/sensitivities, pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites), toxicity, stress and organ function.

If you suffering from any physical imbalance, and you are experiencing symptoms such as pain, inflammation, sinus, allergies, insomnia, fatigue etc, this health scan may help you get to the bottom of your symptoms.

This non-invasive method of diagnosis is a major leap forward in the fields of bio-resonance and functional medicine.
Non-linear analysis systems (NLS) are advanced information technologies and an accomplishment of modern natural science. The diagnosis equipment is based on the spectral analysis of the vortex magnetic field of any biological object.

The scanner is not only capable of picking up pathological processes in over 250 organs, tissues and cells, but is also capable of determining sub-clinical conditions before they manifest into pathology.
As the patient is being scanned, 3-dimensional anatomical models of the internal organs and physiological systems appear on the screen in front of them. Coloured marks placed upon the picture make it easier for the practitioner to determine the site of pathology. It is possible to identify degenerative processes in these organ systems and therefore implement therapeutic protocols in good time.
As these areas of pathology are identified, the software has the capability of going deeper into the organ tissues like a surgeon would take a biopsy and analyse on a cellular level.

70% improvement in thyroid function only 45 days into treatment.

What are the Benefits?
Non-linear Scanning (NLS) scans your body in 3D and pinpoints the contributing factors and gets to the root of the cause, and treating them on the spot. BodySonic NLS is safe, cost effective and non-invasive – and accurate!

The technology can detect and correct the pathology in organs and body cells. It can localise where there are cell changes, inherited conditions, and finds the reason at the genetic level.

Frequency Treatment (MetaTherapy)
By means of what is referred to as Meta Therapy, this technology stimulates the target area with the appropriate resonate frequencies and re-energises the target area, such as the cells or organ, to restore the natural healing processes of the body.

Take a look at some real client examples of improvement after treatments.

Health Scan includes a comprehensive report and Meta Therapy

Why give this a try?

The NLS is a non-invasive, safe, cost effective and extremely accurate piece of scientific health research equipment. It’s able to trace any condition in the body through changes in the resonance of tissues. Every object, small or large has its own individual frequency or oscillation. It vibrates at a different frequency from any other substance. Hence it can detect and match the frequency of any human body part, cell, microbe, parasite, chemical or organ.

How Does the NLS Work?

Testing takes place in person using a head piece with trigger sensors, or remotely using a hair sample which is scanned.

The NLS has a huge frequency library, which allows the probes to send out signals to the selected body organs, cells or pathogens asking it to identify itself. Various conditions change the course of the metabolic processes in the cells thus initiating changes in oscillation of the cells.

NLS allows three-dimensional scanning. It passes cellular cuts, tissue cuts, chromosome sets, separate chromosomes, and goes deeper to fragments of the DNA helix. The system records the frequency fluctuations of any cell/tissue/organ and adds them to the many thousands already held in the database for pathology (conditions) testing.

Book a test in person by calling 065 924 7332, or complete the form below, email back to us and post or courier a sealed and labeled hair sample to be tested, to Gateway To Wellness, 4 Montagu Street, Knysna, South Africa. You will receive your results via email within 3 days from receipt of sample.

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