Radical Transformation



Do not be defined by disease, symptoms, discomfort and trauma. This current imbalance is just part of your current story and does not define you. Your challenges are your lessons which, overcome and learnt, become your blessings, teachings and your gifts to the world.
All ‘dis-ease’ stems from 3 things, pathogens (and parasitic people/situations), toxicity (chemical and thoughts) and stress (perceived or real). It’s all that which drains your life energy and weakens your immunity.
We humans are beautiful complex beings with spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, vibrational and energy dimensions. Our imbalances may be messages or signs for what we need to learn or look at in our life; to address, in order to attain more balance life. They could turn out to be the very things which become the gifts we use to gift of ourselves to the world.

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