Love yourself. Love your life.

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Feel Good. Feel God. Love is the way.

Life, with all its ups and downs, has taught me that the most important verb and noun is LOVE.

I have learnt the hard way that if I do not love myself then how can I love others? How can I love God? How can I love life?

My Story

As a touchy feely kinesthetic empath, I have spent a vast majority of my life trying to receive love and validation by being helpful, kind and hard working. Trying to take away others pain, including that of my parents. Saying yes even when I wanted to say no but not wanting to offend or face confrontation. And ‘rescuing’. Worrying what others thought of me. Worrying about money. Just worrying. Living in fear. Playing small so others around me could shine. So that I could FEEL LOVED and accepted.

The Result

My health suffered. I lost my business, my partner, my home, my self worth…everything. I ended up with Chronic Fatigue, IBS, uterine issues, severe insomnia and a closed off heart. I was taking pills to sleep and pills for anxiety and depression. Wine was my escape. I felt shame and a deep fear that I am not supported and can not take care of myself. I also lost touch with who I am.

I lost my way.

My Transformation

Today I live in the town I always dreamt of living in. I have my own successful wellness practice which I absolutely love. I collaborate with other wonderful healers to bring wellness to people all over the world. I am so blessed to be able to help others find the love within themselves. I am living on purpose. I am surrounded by people I love. I only attract amazing clients. I am healthy. I am happy every day of my life. I know who I am and I love and accept myself. I am self sufficient and manifesting a life I love.


me journey back to Self love
  • I challenged limiting beliefs and values that were no longer serving me.
  • I chose to forgive myself and others.
  • I had to take responsibility.
  • I had to go within.
  • I let go and asked for help from others and from God and chose to trust.
  • I took time to heal.
  • I spent a lot of time getting to know my true self.
  • I chose to limit time with negative people.
  • I started a gratitude journal.
  • I created vision boards of what I wanted to manifest in my life.
  • I got out into nature as much as possible to ground me and created a food garden.
  • I put myself first.
  • I rewrote my story by discovering my Blueprint.
  • I started cleaning up my body.
  • I consciously guarded negative thoughts and activities that brought down my energy.
  • I started practicing meditation and conscious breathing exercises.
  • I started yoga.
  • I went for Reiki and sought out guidance from others who could assist me.
  • I studied all I could on energy, the Micro biome, the Law of Attraction, Manifesting, Spirituality and a whole lot more and started applying all I learnt, in my life.
  • I reconnected with the knowledge of raising my vibrations to only attract that which I want for my life.

Now, I am grateful that I am able to assist others with their self worth challenges, with finding love and acceptance within themselves, so they too can live their best lives. This is our birthright.

Here’s the truth: knowing and accepting yourself is the first step to moving forward and making positive changes in your life. If you want to discover your unique BLUEPRINT so you can truly discover yourself and then from that place move foreword and embrace your life, Get In Touch with me.

I would LOVE to share my process with you, so that you too can heal, love yourself and love your life.