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We will begin with a Kinesiology consultation to get a better understanding of your desired outcome, your current symptoms and issues and to immediately address some imbalances. Please download and complete the client form and email it back to me. I will then get back to you right away to set up a day and time for your consultation so that we can start you on your Transformation journey. I am so looking forward to working with you x



Testimonials from some of the Brave people who have been through my Radical Transformation in 90 Days Programme

My leg pain is reduced to nearly no pain. My lower back pain is also reduced. I lost 6 kilograms after the first cleansing. I can eat things that I could not eat without getting heart burn before. I have not had to take a pain killer since I have started with this program. My anxiety levels are reduced, I can handle lots of pressure without a stiff neck. I feel brand new and full of energy. My vision improved in my one eye that specialists declared blind. I now realise you don’t heal your body with pain pills , but rather by treating the root cause. For the first time my body and mind connect with earth through natural healing.
Gillian thank you so much for all your love and care. You really go the extra mile and really want to make a difference that I could feel and see.

Marionette, Knysna

I suffered from chronic urticaria, been to two different physicians, Dermatologist, the gynecologist and no help. Since I have seen Gillian, I’m much healthy and don’t have severe breakouts, I’m totally off medications and my skin has improved and I feel brand new and loving myself again. She is genuine and you will feel free with her, she is a pure soul.

Michelle, Johannesburg

My memory had been deteriorating for some time.
I had also had some episodes of lightheartedness.
Andre’s main diagnoses were of parasites, for which he provided a clean-out course of medicine, and a lack of oxygen flow to my brain.
Andre also consulted Gillian O’Shea…who sat and listened to me and suggested a kinesiology consultation.
Gillian is very thorough.
Her consultations left me feeling positive and peaceful, and her advice on diet, breathing exercises and various other health tips most definitely complimented my treatment and recovery.
Gillian also suggested a short course of Rife treatments.
This process was over a couple months. There is no doubt….my memory started improving, and noticeably, remembering people and events which really amazed me. And has continued to improve. My energy levels improved…no more “mid day slump”, and in fact one’s outlook changes…chores and various things one has to do are no longer a hassle.
At the time of starting these consultations I was on a course of medication after an epileptic fit in April 2018.
Some weeks into treatment with Gillian and Andre I weaned myself off the medication…with no adverse effects whatsoever.
I am now 69yrs old…and am convinced that with a little care and help and advice like I received from Gillian and Andre, life can continue healthily and pleasantly…and with that sparkle.
Gavin, Knysna

I started consultations with Gillian after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, compromised liver and bladder functions and Sjogren`s Disease. I have found improvement, relief and healing of many of my symptoms since. It has also been confirmed by repeated medical examinations.

Rene, Pretoria

The results were, in a word, astounding! My stomach hasn’t felt this good in 2 years. No more indigestion, acid reflux, pain or tenderness in my stomach. Perfect digestion. And all my menopausal symptoms are completely gone! Also, the affirmations really helped me to come to terms with my situation.

Lisa, Knysna

I became aware of a disc shape rash on the bottom of my feet and put it down to the shoes I had worn the night before and the fact that I had been on my feet for more than 20 hours. As the days went by the disc rash got bigger, redder and itchier.
I went to go to the doctor who took a scrapping and sent it off for testing for fungal or bacterial. Results came back negative. Went to 2 dermatologists, 3 GP’s and all put it down to STRESS, they sent another biopsy away and that came back negative for fungal, bacterial or any auto immune diseases.
Well to my horror the rash had now started going up my legs, arms and hands and my skin was starting to split open on my hands and feet and I was really STRESSING now, as it was looking bad and no-one could tell me what was happening. When I say I tried every cream, ointment you name it I tried but nothing helped. I signed up for Gillian’s 3 month wellness programme and have had some amazing results.
Gillian explained how the program works and went through everything step by step and I felt this was the route to go. I started with a kinesiology consultation where Gillian did some corrections and shared information of issues online in my body. After 20 days of really clean eating and cleaning up my system I had dropped 10kg – WOW WOW WOW! I not only felt well but looked well, previous persistent headaches were almost non existent, rash was slowly looking better and I was feeling better within myself again. I was also told, because of consistent knee pain I would need surgery however that pain has also subsided.

Margaret, Knysna

A huge thank you for the phenomenal positive change I’ve experienced in my life over the last five months, of which the last 90 days have been on the Transformation Journey. It hasn’t been a straight line up – more of a zig zag 😉 – but I can honestly say that this positive change is on every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It’s been hard work and discipline – have done four detoxes altogether (liver, colon, gall bladder and heavy metals) – but the benefits are:

*sense of balance and equilibrium established within myself
*no more headaches
*brain fog gone
*asthma medication substantially reduced
*sense of smell returned
*4kg away from the weight I was 20 years ago.
This is a journey, not a destination, but I’m extremely grateful to these two wonderful human beings for helping me along this path.

Ingrid, Knysna

I realised that I was in serious trouble in mid-2015. My health a taken a bad turn, in and out of hospital, could not walk more that 150m without resting, completely out of breath, 3 to 4 asthma attacks daily, my lungs were collapsing fast. Had difficulty getting up and going in the morning and was not really in the mood for life. I was diagnosed with Lupus in my heart and lungs, there was water around my heart and lungs and it was seeping through the walls, flooding the lungs and the heart with too much fluid. I as a result of the medication developed Addison’s disease, and started having problems with my stomach, and so the list carries on. My life was in chaos; my relationship was in trouble my kids were in a mess, I new I had to do something. My first kinesiology session, was dealing with the healing of emotional issues and imbalances, foods that was stressing the body. Gillian sent me to Elize for nutrient requirements and the best of all, alternatives to my chemical medication. After the second kinesiology healing session, I realised just how powerful the corrections for imbalances and releasing of stresses, to my astonishment, my body was ready to start the cleanse process. I started the candida diet on 1st June. The diet was challenging and hard, paid off, within the first week, I stopped my daily antihistamine, to date have not had an asthma attack. Into the 2nd week I had major changes in my relationship. In the third week, in my work life lightened another shift came about for the better. Today my kids are in a better space coping better with life. After my fifth kinesiology session, with Gillian my lungs released like an elastic band coming off and I could start breathing with ease and very little pain, it was as if a whole weight was released of my chest. 3 months later I have lost 15 kg I have come down from 60mg of cortisone to 5mg alternate day, completely off my water pills. I am feeling alive a well and have a drive for life again. I can’t wait to get up in the morning and say hello to life every day.
Lee, Pretoria

After a long season we have been tired, totally unbalanced and without any energy. Gillian helped us after her analysis with the right diet, a body cleanse and detox programme supported by lymph massages. It was hard in the beginning, but the positive attitude and the excellent support of Gillian and Mel helped us to work it out! We lost some kgs, a lot of rubbish and we have won back energy and balance. Thank you so much for the professional, excellent work!

Ande and Innes, Knysna