Addictions and trauma….what’s your pain?

Have you struggled with cravings or even addictions? Craving sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, drugs, shopping, eating, gambling, people pleasing, extreme exercise, overworking, excessive social media activity….the specific addiction is not what I want to highlight but rather the mechanism.

As a practicing wellness practitioner for over 20 years and someone who aspires to actively live with conscious awareness, I am still learning the dynamics of why we suffer with addictions, what triggers this behaviour and how do we overcome these behaviours.

Dr Gabor Mate is one of my mentors with regards to addiction and trauma and he believes it all relates to childhood trauma and how we are triggered throughout life when our needs are not being met. Addiction is a response to human suffering…an attempt to avoid suffering, feel in control, avoid loneliness.

“We are addicted to being wanted.”

Dr Gabore mate

Trauma triggers also manifest as inflammation in our bodies that’s why its so vital to deal with trauma and stress with any health condition.

Kinesiology as a modality is so powerful and effective because in a session we don’t just talk through trauma, we actively, through muscle testing, release the trauma from the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual body.
We all can really benefit from less shame and guilt around the various issues we are dealing with because this does not aid healing. We can all benefit from more support and kindness from family, friends, and wellness practitioners.

Here’s a few pointers which I hope will help you:

  1. Stay in the present moment. Yesterday is past and you can do nothing about it. Every moment is a new opportunity to start over, make positive change, try again.
  2. Stop blaming, guilting, and shaming yourself when you find yourself relapsing. It drains you of energy and gets you stuck. We are all doing the best we can, with where we are at.
  3. Why the pain? Sit with the addictive behaviour and try identifying the emotions that trigger it. Where are you feeling helpless, abandoned, alone, unloved, fearful. If you can identify triggers you can choose to heal from them and rise above them when you are ready and able.
  4. What are you trying to tune out from? This is a stress adaptation that triggers addiction.
  5. Your body is the temple of your spirit/soul. The more awareness you bring to this, the more you accept that you are the temple, the wonderful, amazing vessel of your soul, the more reverence you will have for self, the more you can slowly start loving and accepting yourself as you are, the more you will aspire for self.
  6. You are not alone. You are deserving of unconditional love. If you need assistance dealing with trauma, with finding more self-love, connecting with your higher power within you and all the support around you then take brave steps to reach out and ask for help. Again, remember, you deserve it.
  7. Life is short and precious and a gift. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Appreciate every moment given to you.
  8. You can not find love, validation, bliss or meaning in other people or from other people. You must live for you.

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