The programme

The next 3 months I will be supporting you with your Radical Transformation. I wish I had someone to assist me and give support when I went through this journey but I did not and that is one of the reasons I created this programme for you. But as wonderful as I am {see positive affirmation 🙂 } I can only assist you as far as you reach out to me for guidance. I work with many people at any given time so please reach out to me via email, WhatsApp (probably the best), smoke signals, pigeons, mental telepathy (probably not that effective) if you have questions, answers, suggestions and so forth. Please keep me updated on your progress so we can celebrate the wins too. Before you begin, I encourage you to weigh yourself, take some photos and document all your current symptoms be it depression, fatigue, pain, insomnia, inflammation etc so that we have something of a baseline to compare to after the 3 months is up.

My contact details again: +27 65 924 7332|

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