Sleep disorder, inflammation and anxiety

Gillian, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the session yesterday, I felt so light and full of energy when I got home and you really gave me a good perspective on a lot of things, I am so grateful you landed on my path and I really appreciate all the energy you have put into helping me heal and grow. I also got very exciting news yesterday, my IgA levels are up from 6mg/L to 440mg/L, which is absolutely amazing and I am so happy and proud of my body😁 It is still quite low because it should be between 700-3500mg/L but it is a massive increase and hopefully only goes up from here. I definitely think the cleanse and being able to get some sleep every night and the decrease in my anxiety levels have made the world of a difference.


5 day concierge retreat

I was privileged to be picked up from George airport by my Health Coach herself then driven to a beautiful BnB, Tree Spirit Cottages up in the Gouna mountains, most pleasant and tranquil surroundings. The Vegan dishes that Mel prepared were truly delicious. The interaction on all health related matters was extremely interesting. You truly have a wealth of knowledge in all health and other topics. The diagnostic tools that you have at your disposal are unknown to most people however fascinatingly accurate. The team you work with namely Andre Slabbert and Gillian O’ Shea both with incredible diagnostic skills that enable a real holistic outcome.

A new experience! Elke, with the Monochord, a vibrational healing modality that I had never heard of … man what a different calming and relaxing experience. The 2 restaurants we visited Ile de pain cafe and the VegTable are so very unique, excellent cuisine and ambiance. I could comfortably repeat the experience every few months.


My 21 day hormone reset

Mentally and physically, I am feeling rejuvenated and totally energised. I have gained a sense of general wellbeing and I am still reaping the benefits 2 months later – a feeling of relaxed, reparative bliss. I feel nurtured on every level by this experience.

Koeriena Deacon

Refining goals and life path

Gillian is a wonderful therapist to work with – attentive, intuitive and comforting to be in her presence. Gillian helped me tap into areas of my life and questions I needed answering, without me guiding the direction at all. We just went for it and the results were incredible. From massage to kinesiology and life guidance, I can really recommend Gillian. There was a lightness in the air during my sessions that lifted my anxiety and gave me so much hope!

Candice Horn

Gastritis and hormonal issues resolved

I went to see Gillian because I had been experiencing recurring bouts of gastritis for over 2 years and I just never seemed to get 100% well. I was also experiencing quite intense menopausal symptoms, namely regular hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia and restless legs at night.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but Gillian’s calm, friendly and down-to-earth manner immediately set me at ease. She took a very thorough history and asked about every single aspect of my life. I experienced the actual kinesiology session to be gentle and healing, but also surprisingly deep and very personal. I had expected to receive input about my stomach, but most of the healing was around emotional issues and limiting beliefs.

Gillian gave me a few mantras and affirmations to use and also recommended a complete parasite cleanse. I was skeptical that a parasite cleanse would address my menopausal symptoms, but I committed to the process and also to the very strict diet for 2 weeks.

The results were, in a word, astounding! My stomach hasn’t felt this good in 2 years. No more indigestion, acid reflux, pain or tenderness in my stomach. Perfect digestion. And all my menopausal symptoms are completely gone! Also, the affirmations really helped me to come to terms with my situation.

I’m feeling really well – energetic and positive – even more than a month after the cleanse. I’ve pretty much returned to my normal eating patterns, apart from the glass of fresh celery juice I drink every morning on an empty stomach, but none of my symptoms have returned.

I would definitely recommend Gillian. She is a gifted and intuitive healer.

Lisa P, Knysna, Garden Route, South Africa

My healing journey
I made a decision in April 2019 to do something about a terrible rash that was spreading over my legs, arms and hands to come and see if Ozone Therapy could assist me in getting it under control.
Here my journey with Gillian and her wonderful team started.

On the 1st January 2019 I became aware of a disc shape rash on the bottom of my feet and put it down to the shoes I had worn the night before and the fact that I had been on my feet for more than 20 hours. As the days went by the disc rash got bigger and redder and itchier by the day.
I decided that I needed to go to the doctor who took a scrapping and sent it off for testing for fungal or bacterial. Results came back negative and the bafflement started. Went to 2 dermatologists, 3 GP’s and all put it down to STRESS, they sent another biopsy away and that came back negative for fungal, bacterial or any auto immune diseases.
Well to my horror the rash had now started going up my legs, arms and hands and my skin was starting to split open on my hands and feet and I was really STRESSING now, as it was looking bad and no-one could tell me what was happening. When I say I tried every cream, ointment you name it I tried but nothing helped.

In the beginning of April I popped in to Tree of Life Wellness to find out more about the Ozone Therapy as I had read that it could possibly help with this rash. Spoke to Denise and Gillian and wow there my journey started.

I signed up for Gillian’s 4 month wellness programme and have had some amazing results:
Gillian explained how the program works and went through everything step by step and I felt this was the route to go. I started with a kinesiology consultation where Gillian did some corrections and shared information of issues online in my body.

I saw Andre and got the liver and gall bladder working and went on a parasite & flukes elimination program. Let me be honest if you, like me, like sweet things, this muti is definitely on the other side of the scale – not nice but I was determined to stick to anything that Gillian had suggested I do. I did the Ozone Therapy together with Rife treatment and followed a proper eating program combined with the muti from Andre and after 20 days of really clean eating and cleaning up my system I had dropped 10kg – WOW WOW WOW!

I not only felt well but looked well, previous persistent headaches were almost non existent, rash was slowly looking better and I was feeling better within myself again. I was also told, because of consistent knee pain I would need surgery however that pain has also subsided.

I am still on the program and have seen Linda Jane as well who has been instrumental in helping me on this healing journey.

I would like to thank you Gillian and the entire team for the guidance and help I receive whenever I need it. You are all just a phone call away and I cannot tell you how I appreciate the hard work you all put in to help me. It will take time for all to go back to normal but I am prepared to work at this to heal myself with all your help.

Love, Light and Blessings Margaret.

Healing from Epstein Barr

After only 2 months

In February 2019, Sharon came to us feeling off balance, with shortness of breath, tiredness, blocked ears, tinnitus, and thrush including in her mouth and throat. She felt irritable and unable to face stressful situations.
Additional symptoms she suffered from included sinus and post nasal drip which caused phlegm on her chest which in turn lead to sever coughing at times. The tinnitus & blocked ear prevented her from hearing properly in a crowd and disturbed her sleep.”
“Having tried so many things in the past to alleviate symptoms I felt utterly defeated was heading towards depression. I have been virtually gluten free for over 30 years and lactose free for at least 10 they don’t seem to have been able to sort out the problems.
I have had health & allergy issues for most of my life and have been able to pick myself up and get on with Life.” Sharon has joined our 4 month Reboot programme in the hopes of feeling more alive and well.
As at 11 March:
“Completed a candida & colon cleanse – thrush has gone with sinus & postal nasal drip improving. I am very thankful for the progress made so far and am so pleased that I can once again enjoy fruit and natural foods that taste so good. It is amazing how much nicer food tastes now that the thrush and sinus are gone.”
As at 26 March:
“Having been on the diet & remedy to eliminate Epstein Barr, Ozone & Rife treatments and the Candida diet plan, I lost 5kg in 3 weeks and this was a bonus. There is a huge improvement to my sinus, post nasal drip & mucus on my chest. I am no longer taking any antihistamines nor using Foxair or asthma pump. I no longer suffer with acid reflux. I was living on Gaviscon & Lansoloc. There is very little oral thrush and I have changed my toothpaste to a herbal one. I have improved concentration levels and more energy.
Since following the new diet and ozone/rife therapy, I continue to feel more energetic and my sleep pattern has changed. I have been sleeping soundly for longer periods and not feeling so tired during the day as I was. If I do feel drained, I have an hour’s nap at the most during the afternoon.
I haven’t weighed myself recently but last time I did, I had lost another 2Kg = 7Kg in total. I have gone down a size with clothing.
The Tinnitus is not nearly as bad as it was, and my right ear pressure is not as uncomfortable as it was.I feel more comfortable in my skin and happier in myself.
I know that I am not alone with these challenges and there are plenty of people worse off than me. I hope my journey can help others.”
Sharon, Knysna

Lymph drainage massage and ozone brings immediate relief from chronic ankle pain and inflammation

“I have been suffering from severe pain and swelling of my left ankle for more than a year . After several visits to doctors , specialists,MRI scans, sonars and Xrays and thousands of rands later no one had an answer . I could not cope without pain meds , costing a fortune monthly . At one time the swelling and pain was so bad that I had to walk with crutches.
Being very skeptical but desperate , I decided to look for alternative treatment. By chance I was introduced to Ozone therapy. I decided to give it a chance I did not have anything to loose .
After only one lymphatic drainage massage and ozone treatment to my surprise there were an immediate improvement. After the 3 rd treatment I could walk normally and the swelling was gone . My last treatment was more than a month ago and no swelling , no pain and no medication . I will recommend this treatment to everyone . It sure changed my life .”
Sylvia Burger, Keurbooms

Wonderful deep tissue massage

Gillian is blessed with healing hands I had a massage with her followed by ozone therapy which was extremely pleasant and I must say I left Tree of Life feeling full of the joy of life. Really great!!

Margi Knuppe, Knysna

From barely surviving to thriving after Lupus and other imbalances

“I realised that I was in serious trouble in mid-2015. My health a taken a bad turn, in and out of hospital, could not walk more that 150m without resting, completely out of breath, 3 to 4 asthma attacks daily, my lungs were collapsing fast. Had difficulty getting up and going in the morning and was not really in the mood for life.

I was diagnosed with Lupus in my heart and lungs, there was water around my heart and lungs and it was seeping through the walls, flooding the lungs and the heart with too much fluid. I as a result of the medication developed Addison’s disease, and started having problems with my stomach, and so the list carries on. My life was in chaos; my relationship was in trouble my kids were in a mess, I new I had to do something.

That is when I spotted a Groupon for help with Allergies and Gillian then also invited me to her workshop. My journey started with Gillian. My first kinesiology session, was dealing with the healing of emotional issues and imbalances, foods that was stressing the body. Gillian sent me to Elize for nutrient requirements and the best of all, alternatives to my chemical medication. After the second kinesiology healing session, I realised just how powerful the corrections for imbalances and releasing of stresses, to my astonishment, my body was ready to start the cleanse process.

I started the candida diet on 1st June. The diet was challenging and hard, paid off, within the first week, I stopped my daily antihistamine, to date have not had an asthma attack. Into the 2nd week I had major changes in my relationship. In the third week, in my work life lightened another shift came about for the better. Today my kids are in a better space coping better with life. After my fifth kinesiology session, with Gillian my lungs released like an elastic band coming off and I could start breathing with ease and very little pain, it was as if a whole weight was released of my chest.

3 months later I have lost 15 kg I have come down from 60mg of cortisone to 5mg alternate day, completely off my water pills. I am feeling alive a well and have a drive for life again. I can’t wait to get up in the morning and say hello to life every day. I still have a way to go off the balance of my medication. I am loving my healing journey, will continue with my process with Gillian.
In Thankfulness
Lee Hess, Pretoria

Goal setting

Gillian has been amazing in helping me dissolve obstacles which stood between me and the achievement of my goals. She is very good at asking the right questions to get to the heart of the matter. Her profound knowledge of modern psychology made the shifting process fascinating for me. During the sessions I felt completely safe and never felt like I was being judged at all. She is a thorough and compassionate therapist. Highly recommended.

Wilhelm Odendaal

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren`s Disease and ME

Anyone suffering with physical and/or emotional difficulties would greatly benefit from Kinesiology Consultations with Gillian.

My trauma began with being unwanted and surviving an abortion attempt.
I was adopted into a very toxic and difficult childhood/mother relationship. I had a Hysterectomy and a few in cysts removed (+/- every 2yrs after that). I was diagnosed with ME (CFS) in 1991, was bedridden for 1yr and unfit for 5yrs thereafter. Gallbladder removed in 1998, light heart attack from stress & Hiatus hernia operation in 2007. Car accident In 2008 (whiplash). Bad fall from MTBike in Aug 2009 (Huge hematoma) Paralysis of three fingers of right hand in October 2009. Left shoulder (Rotator Cuff) operation in March 2010. Bad MTBike fall & right shoulder injury in Oct 2010.

I started consultations with Gillian after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, compromised liver and bladder functions and Sjogren`s Disease. I have found improvement, relieve and healing of many of my symptoms since. It has also been confirmed by repeated medical examinations.

Gillian is blessed with a wonderful skill of intuitive listening and tuning in to ones ‘inner self’ and has an amazing healing touch as massage therapist. During her consultations she helps you find balance and the connection between body, mind and soul, bringing awareness and healing to all these inter-related aspects.

Gillian has helped me make balanced healthy living a way of life and her consultations play a vital role in helping me keep mind and body together, to improve my physical and mental health, living with the auto immune and chronic diseases. It is also enabling me to achieve great results and improvements in competitive sports performances, as well as handling day to day stresses of life and work.

I am very grateful for the supportive role Gillian plays in my wellbeing and strongly recommend her as a Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner.



3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I suffered from chronic utircaria, been to two different physicians, Dermatologist, the gynecologist and no help. Received an email on my groupon messages and said to myself I have nothing to loose let me try this.

    Since I have seen Gillian, I’m much healthy and don’t have severe breakouts, I’m totally of medications and my skin has improved and I feel brand new and loving myself again.

    She is genuine and you will feel free with her, she is a pure soul.

    Thanks Gillian

    **Highly recommended**


  2. Dear Gillian

    I have been suffering from Epstine Bar virus and Yuppie Flu for the last 7 years, been really awful running your own business, stress and lack of sleep did not make this viruses my friends, Thank you so much for all the consultations, balancing my body and soul, teaching me about my acidy, diet etc to improve my lifestyle, the Manatech products, capsules and powder, have boosted my immune system and my energy levels so much that there is no need for Hemogloban injections anymore, after 7 years I have been stable, and can handle my illness and keep it under control!

    Guys, I can Highly highly recommend Gillian Oshea, thank you very much for being such a great Kinesiologist.


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