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A healthy, complimentary path to wellness and weight loss



Wellness programme | Guided intuitive healing | Life Soul work | Specialised Kinesiology

Ozone | Massage | Aromatherapy | Rife | Carbonic Acid | Far Infrared       Ultrasonic Cavitation | Photon Light therapy | RF Cavitation | Cryolipolysis              Wound treatment

Looking for balance and improved health –  be it physical, mental or emotional? Are you ready to heal and feel healthy again? Experiencing pain or stress?  

We offer a variety of modalities that can benefit you which you can use and/or a complete wellness programme that addresses living at a higher vibration on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. In other words on all levels.

We do not diagnose or treat symptoms or disease. We assist you to heal as an energy being.

Please arrive a few minutes before your treatment.

You can book an appointment by calling 044 382 0477.



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