There is a lot of information out there covering the importance of supplementing your diet so I am not going to debate this, but rather encourage you to do whats best for you.

It is my personal view however that good quality, whole food supplementation (Like Food State or Mannatech)  is extremely beneficial in the pursuit of achieving and maintaining optimal health.

Below are a few that I believe can prove beneficial if supplemented. Clicking on the hyperlinks will give you a bit more info on the importance of these minerals, amino acids and vitamins, their sources and signs of deficiencies.

Omega 3

Vit B 12


I supply Mannatech supplementation which is whole food supplementation for optimal nutrition and health.


One thought on “Supplements

  1. How did you do it? I admire you! Your work is amazing, it brings a joyful tear to my eye, well done, I always knew you were something special! I wish you all the best, you have reached for the stars and found them! Love you Always!!!!!


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