Treatment menu

Cryo therapy
Fat freeze/cryo                                            per session approx 80 min R 600
(Min 5 sessions for full body results) R 3 000
2 x cryo suction scoops
1 x lipo lazer
1 x cavitation
1 x radio frequency
Cavitation and RF                                       (30min) R 400
Cavitation OR radio frequency only       (15min) R 200
Ozone therapy
Ozone treatment                                        per session R 250
Carbonic Acid, Ozone, Photon Light therapy and Far Infrared Therapy
(Min 10 sessions for optimal results) R 2 500
Ozone with aromatherapy oils R 280
Ultrasonic for pain/inflammation           (10 min for muscle) R 150
Cavitation for firming and toning           (15 min for fat) R 200
Electrotherapy                                           per session  R150
Ozone and cupping R 300
Cupping only                                              (depending on area) R100-R300
Bagging                                                       (30min) R 250
(ear, vaginal, rectal)                                (15min) R 250
Wound therapy (Ozone/Honey/Activated Charcoal/Ozone Gel)      R100-R300
Massages (by Specialised Kinesiologist)
Aromatherapy for relaxation / Lymph drainage for detox /
Trigger therapy with hypertonic stress release for pain/stress
Full body massage                                           (90 min)  R500
                                                                             (60 min) R 400
Massage specific area only                            (45 min) R 250
Head, hands, feet relaxation massage         (45 min) R 250
Neck and back                                                  (30 min) R 200
Specialised Kinesiology consultation R 500
Combination treatments
Ozone (30min) AND massage (60 min) R 550
Cryo (60min)  AND massage (45min) R 750
Ozone anti wrinkle day cream 100 ml R 350
Ozone anti wrinkle night cream 100 ml R 350
Ozone healing gel 50  ml
(For scars, psoriasis, shingles, wounds, rash, nail fungi etc)

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  • 1. Victoria  |  February 26, 2013 at 1:27 pm

    Hi, where is your office in Pretoria and how does one arrange an appointment?


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