Prepare for summer, recoup from COVID and vaccines; lose weight and start recovering from immune disorders.

There are a few basic steps to take to help your immune system, clean out your body and regenerate healthy cells. Now is a good time to give your body a service or spring clean, so that you go into the next season with more health and vitality.

I have been helping clients gain more health and vitality since 2012 with a protocol I call Radical Transformation in 90 days. It starts with an assessment, then we do a spring clean and follow up with a stabilising process.

Assess – clean out parasites and toxins – reduce acidity and increase alkalinity – reduce inflammation – terraform.

For a limited period this 3 month programme worth R9800, including all assessments, treatments, products, my personal time, support material and a support group, is available for just R6800!

That is a R3000 discount to you if you sign up in October 2022.

If you consider what blood tests, MRI’s, sonars, allergy tests can cost you, you could be paying that out just in initial health assessment fees and then you have not started healing yet.

Radical Transformation in 90 days includes:

  • An initial consultation with myself, including a BioReonance Health assessment
  • A comprehensive report with recommendations unique to your health needs
  • A complete 14-day pathogen cleanse support including products you need to take for parasites, fungus, bacteria, and viruses
  • 2 Meta therapy treatments
  • 28 day Heavy metal/chemical detox programme including your detox smoothie, Zeolite and meal plan
  • Liver flush and detox supplements
  • A raw probiotic in a prebiotic which is more effective for rebuilding a healthy gut microbiome
  • A 90 minute lymph drainage massage to support your detox
  • 12 Rife treatments over 3 months to assist getting rid of parasites, reducing inflammation and supporting your immune system
  • Another BioResonance health assessment on completion of the programme to track progress. You will receive a comparative report depicting percentage improvements in the various organs and systems.
  • Ongoing support throughout the programme including comprehensive guides and a closed Facebook Support Group.

Why a 3 month programme you may be wondering?

Well, it takes about 120 days to make new blood cells. If you truly want to help your body rebuild and recoup, you need to work with its innate intelligence in a way that supports detoxing, reducing inflammation and alkalising so that you have long lasting results with minimum detox symptoms.

With almost all inflammatory illness, the gut lining is compromised, undigested food particles escape into the bloodstream, as does various pathogens and toxins, the immune system goes into overdrive trying to protect you and this results in various symptoms like inflammation, pain, swelling, skin outbreaks and altered mood.

Additional benefits if you follow this 3 month programme include:

  • You will lose weight
  • You will gain a lot of energy and vitality
  • You will sleep better
  • You will start balancing your hormones
  • Symptoms like pain and swelling will decrease or completely disappear
  • You skin will renew making you look years younger

Don’t take my word for it. Here are some testimonials from people who have been through the Radical Transformation in 90 days journey with me.

After 20 days of really clean eating and cleaning up my system I had dropped 10kg – WOW WOW WOW!

I signed up for Gillian’s wellness programme and have had some amazing results. I not only felt well but looked well, previous persistent headaches were almost non existent, rash was slowly looking better and I was feeling better within myself again. I was also told, because of consistent knee pain I would need surgery however that pain has also subsided.


I was suffering with constant headaches, pain in both legs, stiff shoulders, chronic heartburn, poor vision in one eye, numbness in left arm from time to time, anxiety, and lower back pain. I am extremely impressed with the results of me being on this journey and I have been recommending this to all my friends and colleagues.
This program is so easy to follow, it is not expensive, and Gillian explained everything in full detail. There has been constant contact on how I am doing and guidance.
The results so far are amazing. My headaches are gone. My leg pain is reduced to nearly no pain. My lower back pain is also reduced. I lost 6 kilograms after the first cleansing. I can eat things that I could not eat without getting heart burn before. I have not had to take a pain killer since I have started with this program. I feel brand new and full of energy. My vision improved in my one eye that specialists declared blind.


A huge thank you to Gillian for the phenomenal positive change I’ve experienced in my life over the last five months, of which the last 90 days have been on the Transformation Journey. I can honestly say that this positive change is on every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It’s been hard work and discipline – have done four detoxes altogether (liver, colon, gall bladder and heavy metals) – but the benefits are:

sense of balance and equilibrium established within myself
no more headaches
brain fog gone
asthma medication substantially reduced
sense of smell returned
4kg to go to get to the weight I was 20 years ago!.
I’m extremely grateful for the help along this path.


Bonus gift worth R220 if you sign up in October!

If you signup to take this 90 day journey in October, we will include a powerful Fungi medicine tincture from Harmonic Mycology worth R220 as a bonus gift. These intelligent Medicinal’s are powerful antioxidants, each with their own vast benefits. You can choose between our Reishi, Lions Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Coral Tooth or Snow Fungus range.

Why work with me?

I have walked the path of struggle and growth – personal stress, loss and triumph; overcoming mysterious, debilitating illness, and a non-responsive health care system and well-meaning alternative therapists…I’ve studied and practiced in complimentary wellness for over 16 years, assisting thousands of people around the world; researched nutrition, supplementation, organic food production, various alternative therapies, and lifestyle habits for balance and health. I am a Specialised Kinesiologist and energy healer with a special interest in Quantum Physics and Frequency Medicine.

I developed this programme through trial and error on myself, and then implementing it on many clients over the years that is how I know it works. You can read more on my website. I so look forward to journeying with you.

Frequently asked questions?

Who is this programme designed for?

If you are suffering with long term COVID symptoms or symptoms after receiving the COVID Vaccine

If you have been diagnosed with an auto immune disease

If you just want to lose weight and gain vitality

If you have been told you have Epstein Barr, Mono, Herpes or Cytomegalovirus

If you suffer from skin issues, chronic fatigue, thyroid issues, pain and swelling or gut issues.

If you are recovering from Chemo and radiation and need support to build your immunity

Can I follow this programme if I am on chronic medication?

It is not ideal to be on too many suppressants when you are trying to heal however yes we work with people even if they are on chronic medications.

Do I need to visit in person?

Yes, ideally for your first consult and your 90 minute lymph drainage massage, however for the rest of the treatments we can work remotely as all treatments can be administered remotely. This concept is called Quantum Entanglement. I work remotely with clients from all over the world and achieve phenomenal results.

Will I experience any reactions?

One can experience a few initial days of detox symptoms like fatigue, headaches, body aches, nausea, brain fog and irritability and skin irritation depending on how severe your situation is however we always work as fast as your body is able to reduce detox reactions.