aboutIntuitive Energy Healing involves working with and through God to assist clients in transforming and changing emotions, beliefs and energies that are contributing to their current imbalance. Intuitive energy healing can be used for creating physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental healing.

Through Specialised Kinesiology, I offer assistance with various issues and imbalances including weight, aging, allergies, pain, trauma, stress and toxicity. My passion is to assist you in your journey to self to find your purpose and raise your vibration.

Your amazing intelligent being has all the systems in place to achieve homeostasis (balance) but sometimes there are blockages or stresses that get in the way.

In a kinesiology session, together, we can identify any blockages, obstacles and stressors that stand in the way of achieving your goal, be it more energy, better health, more happiness or getting over a trauma.

Massage is a wonderful modality to release what you are holding onto in the body. Depending on your specific needs I offer various massages based on what you are dealing with: sports injury or overused muscles, stress and tension, detoxing and lymph drainage or relaxation and energy balancing.

We all deserve abundance, happiness, love, joy, peace and health. To heal completely, takes supporting beliefs, faith, knowledge, discipline and appropriate action.
Just as living in pain is not the natural way of life for human beings, frustration and anxiety are not the natural mindset. Your life can consist of more than merely coping, avoiding or battling illness. It can be about vibrant health and happiness.

I have walked the path of struggle and growth – personal stress, loss and triumph; overcoming mysterious, debilitating illness, and a non-responsive health care system and well-meaning alternative therapists…I’ve studied and practiced in complimentary wellness for over 16 years, researched nutrition, supplementation, various alternative therapies, and lifestyle habits for balance and health.

I feel very blessed to be of service to others through Gods guidance and the collective knowledge shared by other tuned in healers and light-workers like Dr C Budwig, Dr Hulda Clarke, Dr J Bergman, Dr Gerson, Dr Bruce Dewe, Dr Nicholas Gonzales, Anthony William Medical Medium, Dr Otto Warburg, Wayne Dyer, Louis Hay, Margie Donde, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Esther Hicks and many, many more. Thank you…

I am able to offer you the same path to healing and wellness that I have discovered – a holistic approach that includes healing your body as well as your mind and soul.

My education and training is in Specialised Kinesiology, NLP, EFT, Massage, Touch for Health, and NOT.

Ready to begin your journey toward health and healing with me? Get in touch on 065 924 7332 for your FREE 20-minute initial consultation. I am waiting for you.

I practice from The Art Centre, 4 Montagu Str, Knysna, The Therapy Rooms @ The Lofts, Thesen Island, Knysna and Natural Healing Shop 62 Woodmill Lane, Knysna.


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