There are few things in life as wonderful as a decent, relaxing, massage especially when you are feeling stressed or your muscles are spasming in your neck, hips and lower back.

I provide various massages using trigger therapy, hypertonic stress release, deep tissue, aromatherapy, lymph drainage and NOT (Neuro Emotional Technique), reflexology and combining kinesiology by balancing chakras and meridians at the same time.

Lymph drainage massage

Kinesiology massage to balance whole body

Aromatherapy massage

Stress and pain relief massage


The many benefits of massage


3 thoughts on “Massages

  1. Hi Gillian,

    Would simply love a 42-muscle balance and massage,
    would this Tuesday/Wednesday 3rd or 4th May be OKAY,
    any time during the day is perfect, I live in Centurion so Irene is just around the corner.
    I too have an interest in holistic body,mind and soul, but just as an interested amateur. Google MRS2000, I use mine every day and it works for me, Cheers and thanks for the feedback, Kind regards, Brian Craig


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