Heal your life

Welcome. Sadness, pain, stress or illness are all forms of imbalance.

Luckily, most of the time, together we can bring about vast positive changes –  be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or vibrational. We are powerful creative beings. You can heal your life and you deserve to live in Bliss or flow state as its called.

Prevention is better than cure. I believe there are 3 main reasons for imbalance namely Stress (perceived or real), Toxicity and Pathogens. By adopting a few positive lifestyle choices and tuning in to your body one can bring about huge changes and enjoy a fuller, happier life.

Some ‘symptoms’ of imbalance are pain, weight gain, insomnia, hormonal imbalance, sugar imbalance, adrenal fatigue, depression, blood pressure issues, thyroid issues, inflammation immune diseases and ‘allergies’. Hence these tend to be some of the symptoms that my clients present with when searching for help.

Physical touch is very therapeutic. Through touch, one can provide healing for another. I just love providing massages to my clients and through massage I am also able to get a better understanding of their bodies and how imbalance may be manifesting for them. And, what better way than massage to relax and unwind.

When I am not out hugging trees in our beautiful forests or barefoot in the garden planting food, I practice wellness from Knysna in the beautiful Garden Route, Western Cape, South Africa.

I have rooms at The Art Centre and Natural Healing in Woodmill Lane.

Sometimes I commute to Johannesburg and Cape Town if the need arises.

I also offer wellness programmes in retreat format so anyone from anywhere in the world can join me and the team I work with on retreat where we can facilitate your recovery and include some sight seeing of our beautiful town, Knysna. You can book for a personal concierge retreat programme or join one of our three annual 10 day retreats in the Garden Route.

I also offer remote consultations via Google Meet, Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom.

You are welcome to call or WhatsApp me on +27 65 924 7332 to schedule an appointment. I look forward to assisting you.

Payments via EFT or Paypal.