Allergy & Stress

Allergy Test, Stress/Adrenals Test and Nutritional Assessment

  • Allergy test/immune mismatch response test and balance for food and toxin intolerance, stress/adrenals test, gut issues and a diet/nutritional assessment and plan

Diets, lifestyle choices and environmental stress affect our health and body more than one realizes. Gillian O’Shea runs vital allergy and stress tests to identify and eliminate toxins, overgrowth’s, parasites and restore vital energy. A nutritional assessment helps to keep people on track with a proper diet and nutritional intake; ensuring that your body keeps getting the important supplementation it needs to perform at its very best.

More about Gillian O’Shea

A qualified Specialised Kinesiologist, Gillian O’Shea practices from Knysna. Providing a gentle yet powerful route to alternative healing, Kinesiology works on restoring balance to the mind, body and spirit using muscle monitoring. A non-invasive and completely painless process is used to pinpoint physical as well as emotional triggers.

In a Nutshell

  • Qualified Specialised Kinesiologist
  • Non-invasive treatment – no negative side effects
  • Can also treat: Chronic pain, back pain, sciatica, allergies, compulsive behaviour, dyslexia, ADD, headaches and migraines, fears and phobias, muscular pain and sports injuries, sleep disorders and adrenal stress



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