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Tree of Life Wellness Centre –

a place in Knysna where you will get assistance with weight loss, anti aging, allergies, pain, stress, relaxation, chelation, detoxification and wound treatment.

Your amazing intelligent being has all the systems in place to achieve homeostasis (balance) but sometimes there are blockages or stresses that get in the way. We offer a range of services to assist you with achieving more balance in your body, mind and spirit. For best results it best to first book a session with Gillian who is a Specialised Kinesiologist and together you can identify any blockages, obstacles and stressors that stand in the way of achieving your goal, be it more energy, better health, more happiness or getting over a trauma.

Besides kinesiology we offer a range of services at the centre namely, Cryolipolysis/Fat Freezing, Ozone therapy, Far Infrared, Rife therapy, Multi polar radio frequency therapy, Cavitation, Lipo laser, massage and wound treatment.



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