Spirituality vs Religion

Spirituality is any practice, as selected by the individual as suitable for him/her, to help quiet the mind (left brain monkey chatter), open the heart (awareness of the right brain and higher superconscious mind), to connect with something greater than one’s normal sense of self as separate from others. This connection can be called God, Source,Continue reading “Spirituality vs Religion”

Where is life happening?

This is a question that an amazing, authentic women asked awhile back in a mail to her subscriber base. Call it synchronicity, whatever, it reverberated (yes reverberated not resonated 🙂 ) for me again and I really would love to share… “I used to write a column for a magazine (for about 7 years) and this wasContinue reading “Where is life happening?”

Mirror Mirror

Someone I used to know would periodically portray behaviors which I found offensive or combative.  When I brought these to her attention she was quick to ‘explain’ to me that I was actually mirroring. Mirroring! That’s when you see behaviors within others that you take offence to but which you actually yourself present and.. hereinContinue reading “Mirror Mirror”